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Young Salt Gin

London Dry Gin

Small batch, passionately handcrafted in Belgrade.

Single shot distilled, mildly filtered.

Juniper forward / Citrusy / Spicy / Nutty

42% alc.



The specificity of this contemporary

London dry gin, distilled in Belgrade, results from our mixture of 12 botanicals originating from all across the world, with the ultimate intention being to reflect what the Balkans has always been – a melting pot.

Juniper from Kopaonik mountain,
as well as orange and lemon peel, kaffir lime and the pomegranate flower give it a unique aroma, whereas its smooth and subtle flavor comes from almonds and hazelnuts. It is mildly spiced, thanks to carefully selected rare peppers and cardamom.

Aroma – Juniper, Citrus and notes of the Orient in the background.

So smooth it can be sipped neat, as well as in all classic gin cocktails.

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Young Salt Negroni

Young Salt Negroni is a ready to drink Negroni, our take on the quintessential Negroni cocktail.

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Young Salt Negroni_1080x1080_IG_packshot_bottle&glass.png

Young Salt Gin meets the bittersweet balance in our contemporary variation of the Negroni cocktail, first mixed in Florence, Italy in 1919.


It is  a result of collaboration of our distillery with Antica Torino S.r.l., a vermouth producer from Turin and red bitter producer, Luxardo S.p.A. from Padua.

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