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A fact that very few are familiar with is that the first-ever cocktail coming from Serbia has been "kleka-soda", a mix of juniper flavored brandy and soda water.

It was invented by the first Serbian bartender, Milan Vujić, and cocktail at the time was at the on the cocktail list of the Orient Express.

The spirit has been a favorite drink of the triple secret agent from this part of the world, Dušan Popov, who according to many served as inspiration for the character of James Bond.

That said, with the well-recognized quality juniper from the Balkans, the mix of cultural influences from east and west, and all of a sudden - the production of gin in this part of the world, actually makes sense.

Young Salt is the result of pure love, enthusiasm and passion. It is the energy, a spark from which everything was created and now it cannot be contained anymore. Young Salt is a lifestyle. We are on a journey and you are a part of it.

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